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Emerging indie artist Skarlett Woods, has won or been nominated for countless folk awards in the nation. She has opened for such acts as Stephen Stills, Judy Collins and the Blues Traveler. While the exquisite voiced singer/songwriter/performer has earned comparisons to Joni Mitchell and Bonnie Raitt. Her Americana-Jazz style is what captivates audiences. Keeping honesty on the tip of her pen, Skarlett has produced a body of work that remains truly and entirely unto itself. 


Skarlett often hears that her music is "different."  KPIG Radio's "Please Stand By" host Sleepy John teased her in an on air interview, "Do you know who you remind me of? ...nobody. Not anybody. I've never heard anybody do what you do. And that's good!" Indeed, few modern musicians are the granddaughter of a showboat operator. Rather than follow the lead of her generation’s singer-songwriter heroes, Skarlett has created a sound that is a throwback to an earlier time, when some things seemed simpler but the music was much more complicated. She inherited a talent for storytelling from a family steeped in the showboat business and musical theater, but Skarlett's years of classical/jazz guitar training are what allow her the versatility to truly captivate audiences. 

Entering her thirties, Skarlett continues to write original songs, but seasoned by the experiences her life has shown her. To better express all that is in her heart, Skarlett began studying with jazz guitarist Bill Leonhart in 2015. A seven-string guitar virtuoso, Bill is also the brother of internationally renown bassist, Jay Leonhart. Having been under the influence of such teachers has sprouted musical influences such as Cole Porter, Jerome Kern, Roger Hammerstein and more modernly- John Williams, James Horner, Punch Brothers and The Beatles. 

 Finding it irrational to limit the reach of other influences in her life, Skarlett embraces open and radically honest relationships. She considers these deep human connections to be her greatest source of personal growth and musical inspiration. These stories, of course, play out in some of her best songs, including “The Colors You Make”, winning best folk song for the 2017 American Songwriter Awards and  "A Time for Truth", which won best song in several regional competitions of the West Coast Songwriters in Spring 2018. 

 At this stage, she is still profoundly introspective and now constantly drawn to the question of what it means to write a great song.  Her vision for great music is not bounded by traditional song structures, chords, or genres. As one new fan commented, "Skarlett's songs are great in a way that I never knew songs could be great!" She is delighted to create beautiful music that anyone can appreciate.